IMG_4976IMG_4999panel session attendees CSGM GeoConvention 2016 IMG_4995

The Canadian Society of Gas Migration was privileged to host a half-day session at GeoConvention 2016 this past March. The session was very well attended by not only members, but individuals throughout the industry as we shared ideas, workflows and best practices targeting the remediation of Surface Casing Vent Flows and Gas Migration. A special thank you to our Chair Ian Cameron and out team of presenters and panelists:

· Gerry Boyer
· Patricia Payne
· Leah Davies
· Daniel MacDonald
· Chris Fuglerud
· Garry Randal
· Court Sandau
· Jamie Wills
· Brian Eitzen

Committee members included:
· Trevor Meador
· Mike Phelan
· Rose McPherson
· Will Butler