Geonomic Technologies Inc.

Chris began a career in Oil and Gas in 2010 as a wellsite Geologist and still actively consultants in the field as recent as 2018/2019. He moved swiftly in the industry from field to Office Operations within 2.5 years. He is the president and operating geologist of a consulting company that focuses on acquisition and integrating of geological, drilling and completions data for clients primarily in deep basin plays specifically the Montney and Duvernay. He is also the inventor of the Geonomic “Perigon Eco tool” tool which is an advanced logging while tripping application and leads the development as CEO with Geonomic Technologies Inc. Chris spearheaded the advanced use of caliper data at Paramount Resources Ltd for proper zone isolation measures with Weatherford’s pipe conveyed 8 arm caliper on horizontal wells in 2014. He is also on record as implementing Schlumberger’s 1st Canadian operation with thru-bit technology in order to capture caliper data on horizontal wells more efficiently during reaming runs in 2015. The land asset was later sold for $1.9 Billion CDN to Seven Generations Energy in 2016. Chris completed his degree in Geoscience at the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2010 and is a practicing member of APEGA “Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta”. He is also a member of CSPG “Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists.