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Origin of H2S in surface casing vent flows: a case for near-wellbore heating and preferential migration.
H2S has more recently been detected in surface case vents of SAGD injector and production wells. This raises the concern that H2S generated during aquathermolysis during SAGD operations is leaking to surface. Sulfur species chemical and isotopic compositions can be used to establish the origin of the H2S gas. Here we present a case study showing that the surface casing vent flow (SCVF) H2S is coming from near surface aquifers due to near wellbore heating of immature organic matter and deteriorating surface casing cement seals. Methods to assess the origin of H2S using water, gas, oil, and organic matter are discussed including other applications to H2S origins in unconventional reservoirs.

Dr. Jennifer Adams received a B.Sc. (Honors Geology, 1998) from the University of Waterloo, a M.Sc. (Hydrogeology) from the University of Alberta (2001), and a Ph.D. in Petroleum Geochemistry from the University of Calgary (2008). Jennifer worked on projects focusing on water chemistry, deep basin CO2 & H2S sequestration and basin fluid property prediction. Jennifer co-founded an oil and gas geochemical service company, Gushor, in Calgary in 2006 which provided oil source and alteration studies, accurate heavy oil and bitumen fluid property measurement, production allocation and surface leakage forensic work. In 2009 she joined ConocoPhillips and supported domestic and international exploration and production activities as a geochemist and basin modeler in onshore North American unconventional plays, heavy oil deposits and international gas plays. Jennifer has taught several internal courses on heavy oil and bitumen, biodegradation, unconventional resource fluid evaluation, and basin modeling.

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