Will Butler – President

Alberta Energy Regulator

Shanna Nolan – Vice President

Shell Canada

Shanna started her career in Oil and Gas in 2010 as a completions and well interventions engineer for Shell's Heavy Oil assets in Northern AB. She has since supported various assets in Shell North & South America as both an engineer and a wellsite supervisor. Since 2017 she has been focused on well integrity and abandonment, and is currently a superintendent for decommissioning, abandonment and reclamation in Northeast BC. Her #1 hobby outside work is doing reckless things for good stories.

Joel Nealon – Treasurer

Roke Technologies

Joel is currently a Solutions Representative at Roke Technologies. His focus at Roke is on data analysis for wells with surface casing vent flow and gas migration issues. Prior to this Joel worked as a wireline supervisor in Canada and helped establish operational bases in Russia and Malaysia. A member of the CSGM/WIA Society since 2013, Joel has enjoyed watching the group grow and looks forward to contributing to their continued success.

Shawn Forster – Secretary

Husky Energy

Shawn currently resides at Husky Energy as the manager of the Well Abandonment group specifically in well remediation. Prior to this position (also at Husky) he was part of the geoscience team for a thermal SAGD project. Trained in the black arts of Geology, Shawn graduated from the University of Windsor in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree. From an early age the importance of the environment resonated with him and to that end, being part of a group that restores land to its natural state is a perfect fit! In his spare time Shawn can be found cycling, hiking, napping or taking his dogs for a walk.

Chris Thompson – Chair Of Membership

Geonomic Technologies Inc.

Chris began a career in Oil and Gas in 2010 as a wellsite Geologist and still actively consultants in the field as recent as 2018/2019. He moved swiftly in the industry from field to Office Operations within 2.5 years. He is the president and operating geologist of a consulting company that focuses on acquisition and integrating of geological, drilling and completions data for clients primarily in deep basin plays specifically the Montney and Duvernay. He is also the inventor of the Geonomic “Perigon Eco tool” tool which is an advanced logging while tripping application and leads the development as CEO with Geonomic Technologies Inc. Chris spearheaded the advanced use of caliper data at Paramount Resources Ltd for proper zone isolation measures with Weatherford’s pipe conveyed 8 arm caliper on horizontal wells in 2014. He is also on record as implementing Schlumberger’s 1st Canadian operation with thru-bit technology in order to capture caliper data on horizontal wells more efficiently during reaming runs in 2015. The land asset was later sold for $1.9 Billion CDN to Seven Generations Energy in 2016. Chris completed his degree in Geoscience at the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2010 and is a practicing member of APEGA “Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta”. He is also a member of CSPG “Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists.

James Ireland – Director

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

James Ireland, P. Eng. (APEGA, APEGS) holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan (‘94) and has 20+ years diverse industry experience primarily in production, completions and exploitation. Prior to returning to the Canadian market in 2018, James spent 10 years internationally working in Yemen (Staff Production Engineer) and Albania (Production & Completions Manager). The international liability reduction and well abandonment experiences led him to his current role in Well Abandonment(s) with Canadian Natural. James currently lives in Canmore with his family and enjoys all the outdoor activities the area provides. Also; James likes beer…having attended Oktoberfest in Munich eight times with plans of hitting double digits.

James looks forward to his role with WIA to continue the momentum generated from the TRM released in 2019 and to progress the issues of the well integrity and closure industry.

Jay Williams – Past President

Weatherford Canada Ltd.

Jay Williams is a Past President and founding member of the Well Integrity and Abandonment Society (WIA). Jay has a Bachelor of Science with a specialty in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta. He began engineering career in the wireline sector, spending 20 years primarily in technical sales and quality control. Jay currently is the Commercial Operations Director at Weatherford Canada Ltd.

Jay is passionate about improving technology and processes improve wellbore integrity on new and existing wells. Jay’s only concern is being stereotypical and he has been known to overcompensate for this aforementioned concern; leading to situations that may be reminisced with good humour.