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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.
Suite 2000, 888-3 St SW
Bankers Hall West Tower
South elevator bank

Check-in at 20th Floor reception.

Presentation Title:
Wellbore Leakage Intervention Strategy

Historically, wellbore leakage intervention has been executed with minimal planning which usually results in ineffective fugitive gas migration isolation. Efficacy of the intervention is influenced by accessing adequate information and program development by a multi-disciplinary team.
Current industry practice is to assess source rock, cap rock, fluid movement and escape path of the wellbore leakage with minimal to no data collection effort. To ensure the origin and remediation of wellbore leakage is addressed in a comprehensive, effective and efficient manner, an intervention strategy using appropriate technology to collect the necessary information for a successful intervention must be applied. A collaboration effort between all parties involved will improve the likelihood of a successful remediation on the first attempt.
Patience must be practiced when creating the intervention strategy. Quick turn-around time to save on rig cost can be a limiting factor for interpretation quality and again leads to intervention failure. Multiple interventions can result in remedial costs reaching into the millions of dollars on a single well.
This presentation documents a successful intervention strategy for a problem well in the Wainwright/Wildmere area.

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