When a member goes to login and renew their membership dues, under certain circumstances they may see a “This account has been locked from changes” error message.  Often this has been misinterpreted as the member is locked out of their account or that they clicked something they shouldn’t have, and need to be allowed back in by a site admin.  95% of the time this is not the case.  

This is a generic error code generated by the system that in most cases means that you are attempting to purchase a membership level that you already currently own in good standing, and the system is protecting you from “double purchasing” memberships or overlapping memberships of the same level.  The way the memberships expire right now is always exactly 1 year from date of purchase, and the system currently cannot handle addition of years or months to your membership in credit.  Essentially if the system says your account is locked, it is doing so to save you from wasting money, and also to limit the potential for refund requests as a result of purchase error.

You should receive an email from the system once your membership is coming up for renewal, and all memberships should now be set to “unlock”, and allow the re-purchase after that point in time.

Thank you for your questions on this feature, and you may forward any additional comments or concerns to IT@wiasociety.org

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