Speaker: Oscar An

Bio: Oscar Yingjun An holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Southwest Petroleum University China. Since 2017 he has been working as the owner of Oscar Energy Service Limited where he contracts casing torque monitoring while being dedicated to inventing Oscillating Cementing Tool with a team. Prior to that, he was working in off shore petroleum industry for COSL and Weatherford.

Title: Hydra Pulse Cementing Sub and Oscillating Cementing Tool

Abstract for Hydra Pulse Cementing Sub

A down- hole tool producing vibration and pulses to improve the cementing bond during primary cementing has been developed. The purpose is to improve cementing bond by enhanced mud cake removal and increasing slurry infill efficiency. As both the mud and slurry are rheology fluids, and the vibration and wave at interface would improve the mobility of fluid when the well is under displacement for slurry. The periodic energy field change introduced by pulse also create opportunities for the trapped mud and filtrated cake to get replaced out by slurry.

Abstract for Oscillating Cementing Tool

The under- development Oscillating Cementing Tool would work similarly like the Jack-hammer on the city concrete. It is launched from the cementing head right after the top wiper plug, and it travels down inside the casing and would land on the float collar. During the trip to casing collar, it would vibrate the whole casing string. The vibration on the casing body and wave inside the annular would introduce the radial velocity while most of the fluids inside annular are at the axial directional. The effect is to improve mud cake removal and slurry infill efficiency. The technology would bring innovative change for gauged hole cementing, especially for CSS and SAGD intermediate casing cementing.

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