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John Griffin is the Vice President of Sales for BioSqueeze with 14 years of experience in oil and gas operations and engineering. He specializes in wellbore interventions, abandonments, coiled tubing, downhole completion tools, and hydraulic fracturing. He began his career working offshore Gulf of Mexico for Schlumberger as a field engineer and has authored several technical papers and publications throughout his career. John joined BioSqueeze last March to help drive company growth and expansion, including newly incorporated BioSqueeze Canada Inc., while assisting operators in addressing gas migration challenges and restoring wellbore integrity.

Presentation Summary:

BioSqueeze, Inc is a world leader in the commercialization of biomineralization technology and BioSqueeze is a biomineralization fluid technology developed specifically for addressing the industry’s most difficult surface casing vent flow challenges.  The sealing method takes a highly unconventional approach using a microbial solution that forms crystalline calcium carbonate in micro fractures which grows with time instead of thickening with time while reaching a compressive strength greater than cement. The resulting seal is gas-tight and impermeable.  The presentation will explain the development of the technology, lessons learned and results after sealing over 100 wells in North America.

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