Interwell P&A (IWPA) is introducing a new solution for permanent abandonment of wells. The objective is to deliver a more efficient, safe and environmentally preferred method for abandonment. Well integrity requirements will be met by re-establishing the cap rock formation, and consequently isolate the reservoir section preventing any migration to surface.

The IWPA technology concept utilizes heat from an exothermic reaction activated by an electrical signal. A slow burning exothermic reaction at extreme temperatures is then initiated melting all well elements. A cross-sectional, permanent barrier within the cap rock formation is formed – a process very similar to magmatic processes occurring naturally inside the earth. The result, after cooling, is a solid and impermeable barrier extending across the full cross section of the well, and seals both horizontally and vertically. The cap rock is again restored to its original integrity.

Numerous tests have been performed on the technology at atmospheric and simulated well conditions. From 2016 until now several pilot wells have been performed in Alberta and British Columbia in co-operation with Centrica, Imperial and Shell with positive results from both operators and regulators. We are looking forward to presenting our technology and preliminary results at the WIA – March 15th, 2018.

Meanwhile, please have a look at our videos!
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