DarkVision is a new imaging platform using a super high-resolution proprietary acoustic imaging technology which leverages many advancements made in the medical device sector over the past couple decades. The technology is capable of imaging the inside and outside of downhole tubulars and components at a sub-millimetric level, providing orders of magnitude higher resolution compared to traditional well integrity tools and can be used through any type of opaque fluid. This gives operators unprecedented insight into the status of their wells, providing actionable and quantifiable imagery and 3D scans in nearly any wellbore condition.

Stephen Robinson is the CEO & Founder of DarkVision. He’s a serial entrepreneur with a background in electromechanical engineering and machine vision, with an Engineering degree from UBC in 2005. He started an industrial imaging technology company called ClearVision in his last year of university at UBC. ClearVision developed what became the de-facto standard technology for performing quality control on cardboard boxes, and was ultimately acquired in 2011. Stephen co-founded DarkVision in 2013 with the goal of developing industrial imaging technologies for a new sector, this time for upstream oil and gas. DarkVision is a Canadian-based technology company specifically focused on developing high-resolution acoustic-based imaging solutions for the upstream oil and gas sector with offices in Vancouver and Calgary.

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