Date: November 22, 2018
Presentation: Applications of Spectral Noise Logging in Well Integrity Monitoring
Speaker: Hamzeh Ali Mohammadi from Global New Petro Tec Corp

10:30 – Doors Open
11:00 – President Presentation and Speaker Introduction
11:10 – Speaker Presentation
11:40 – Question and Answer Period
12:00 – Networking Lunch

Gas or fluid ingress into the cement channel and then up to the surface through the surface casing annulus is called Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF), which causes Sustained Annulus Pressure (SAP) as a common occurrence in the petroleum industry. Gas may also migrate to the surface outside the outermost casing string, which is often referred to as external Gas Migration (GM) or seepage.

In today’s oil and gas industry, operators are proactively exploring new and improved means of working in a smarter manner and reducing costs both during the life of a producing well and abandonment phase. In our business well integrity is essential during a field’s entire lifecycle from initial drilling through to final decommissioning and restoration. Monitoring barrier integrity and zonal isolation are essential to maintain a healthy well and production strategy during the operational life of a well, and are arguably more critical to fulfil regulatory requirements and guarantee a sustainable abandonment.

The technique of Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) coupled with High Precision Temperature (HPT) Logging have extensively benefited oil industry in hundreds of cases. Just in Canada more than 50 wells have taken advantage of our diagnostic technique with references available upon request. Please join us to review some of our high profile case histories in North America.

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