Ryan Doull is the VP of Business Development for Capstone Oilfield Services Ltd., previously the President of Doull Site Assessments Ltd. until its acquisition by Capstone, as well as the President of VentMeter
Technologies Inc. Richard Friesz is the General Manager of VentMeter Technologies Inc. Ryan and Richard have been collaborators and colleagues for many years. Notably, they are among the co-inventors of VentMeter, a precision digital well integrity and abandonment operations data technology.

Presentation Summary:
Automation, process optimization and AI are impacting all aspects of industry, and the approach to well integrity and abandonment operations is no different. The presentation will touch on the past 10 years of advancements in digital surface casing testing and monitoring, and look at the way technological advancements are currently being applied to this arena, as well as their integration to overall abandonment operations.

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