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Presenter Name: Luke Friesen

Presentation Title: Intro to IRP 27 – Wellbore Decommissioning

Brief Intro:
Originally a Queen’s University Mechanical Engineering graduate, Luke Friesen works for Shell Canada Limited as a Global Subject Matter Expert in P&A, and has a completions and well interventions engineering background spanning conventional, unconventional, arctic, and deepwater operating environments. In his current role he supports P&A projects around the globe with a focus on the Americas, steering P&A technology trials, developing decommissioning policy, and conducting technical assurance & compliance auditing. He has served as co‐chair of IRP 27 since the formation of the Committee in September 2017.

Presentation Summary:
This presentation will introduce and promote the content of IRP 27 – Wellbore Decommissioning, which is currently posted for industry review on Energy Safety Canada’s website until April 29th 2021 (link below). IRP 27 covers a risk‐based approach to wellbore decommissioning with a focus on applications in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The document provides best practices to perform safe, efficient, and permanent wellbore decommissioning while mitigating adverse impacts to the environment and protecting groundwater. The document includes sections on operational planning, zonal isolation, hydraulic isolation, SCVF/GM source identification, and alternative products/methods for wellbore decommissioning. Developed with the participation of regulators with jurisdiction across the WCSB, the document defines base expectations of minimum compliance with existing regulations, while also exploring and advocating for strategies in Wellbore Decommissioning design and execution that improve the long term reliability o permanent isolations to reduce the frequency of re‐entry on decommissioned wells. Attendees are encouraged to review the draft document in advance of the presentation, and come prepared with any questions. Note that while there will be a Q&A period after the presentation, all feedback must be formally submitted to Energy Safety Canada for consideration in the final version of the document.‐IRP‐Volumes/DACC‐IRP‐VOLUME‐27‐WELLBOREDECOMMISSIONING

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