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Date(s) – 28/10/2021
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Chris Thompson – Why Does Open Hole Data Matter?

Chris Thompson has 10yrs+ of advanced geo operations and is the inventor of the “Geonomic Perigon”, a logging while tripping thermal caliper designed to help identify wellbore integrity issues before construction

Christian Rosnes – Business Development Manager P&A – Interwell Update

Christian Rosnes has been with Interwell for 3 years, working with the P&A business line. Previously he has been involved in the Oil & Gas sector for 15 years. He has recently been tasked with opening an office in Calgary for Interwell Canada Inc. and is now located in Bow Valley Square.

The last year Interwell P&A have conducted the final field trials before launching a commercial product to the market. In his presentation, Christian will go through the field trials done in Canada and what he believes to be the success factors of the technology.

Gerry Boyer – Innotech

On October 7, InnoTech made a major funding application to CRIN to assess and deploy five alternate products into field trials on fifteen wells. The products are intended to be replacements for cement in well remediation and well abandonments. InnoTech’s partners in this project proposal are PTAC, the Net Zero Technology Center (NZTC) from the UK, Frontier Project Solutions and six oil and gas companies. The partners are providing administrative, technical and financial support.

The NZTC has a mandate to significantly reduce the cost of well abandonments in the North Sea by applying new technologies and they want to support field trials in Canada to ensure that products will meet their needs. InnoTech has undertaken a number of well integrity research projects, including the establishment of a testing protocol for alternate products. InnoTech currently is assessing two alternate products, a resin and a geopolymer, which are undergoing Phase 1 testing. The capabilities of InnoTech to test alternate products and the need for the NZTC to field trial alternate products for ultimate offshore applications allows for a strong collaboration to be established.

A five part international webinar series was recently conducted jointly with InnoTech and NZTC in which fourteen products / technologies were presented. These products will be part of the overall group of products that will be considered by the technical team for the CRIN project; which consist of first of a lab assessment followed by field trials.

This presentation will provide more information on the CRIN application, the partners in the proposed project and the background to the project. It will also provide more detail on the well integrity projects that InnoTech is involved in including technical assessments and laboratory work on alternate products.

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