Event Date: Oct 26 2022

Welltec Metal Expander Packer


Trevor Hoyles, Senior Business Development Manager, Welltec

Trevor joined Welltec in 2007 as a Field Technologist, working throughout North and South America on Land and Offshore Operations. He transitioned into operations management in 2013 until 2020 which is when be began Business Development.

Presentation Summary

The Welltec Metal Expandable Packer (MEP) is an externally mounted packer with a full-bore ID that is expanded by applying hydraulic pressure from surface. The redundant elastomer seals combined with the metal to rock / metal contact creates a life-of-well solution for preventing gas migration to surface. The presentation will include an overview of the MEP technology, various applications for the MEP, and case stories highlighting the benefits and cost savings associated with the MEP.

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