28-JAN-2021, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Virtual (Microsoft Teams)


This discussion will focus on the importance of a Calibrated CBL with known casing responses with focus on API 10TR-1 evaluation techniques for Segmented Cement Bond (Radial) Tools. We will review several real life examples of bonding conditions that are regularly observed in SCVL identification logging situations as well as some techniques for using the acoustic response to get insight into potential gas storage behind casing.


Steve Wierenga has been in the Cased-Hole Wireline services sector of the Oil & Gas industry since early 1991. Throughout his career he has held several Specialty Logging positions in both operations and sales with several cased hole wireline service companies, primarily in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. In 2016, he retired from direct operations in the cased hole wireline services and started his consulting business, “That Wireline Guy”, where he currently provides contract technical training, technical operations support and log analysis specializing in Well Integrity tools, supporting operations in both the North American on-shore market and abroad. He is a contract instructor for Energy Safety Canada and one of the PSAC Oilwell Blaster instructors. In his spare time, he also maintains a small Geo-Logging service specializing in Water Well and Mineral logging operations in Western Canada. Steve is based in Calgary, Alberta.

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